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Open Transport Map - Inspire-based dataset of route network for Europe

Jan Jezek, Karel Jedlička, Pavel Hájek and Jan Martološ

(Submission #375)


The route network is an important dataset that is useful in many analytical tasks. Besides the traditional ones such as shortest path search and accessibility assessment these data are also essential in traffic modeling task.

Even-thought the network data model is a part of Inspire directive, there are various dataset available nowadays in product-specific data models that hamper a straightforward usage of analytical tools as well as visualization approaches, especially when a combination of different data sources is necessarily.

In this paper we introduce the Open Transport Map (OTM) dataset. This dataset contains route network derived mainly from OpenStreetMap (OSM) that is based on INSPIRE Transport Network data model. In contrast to original data, the OTM model is topologically clean and enable direct utility of routing algorithms and the INPIRE code-lists are applied. We demonstrate the usage of the data in a traffic modeling task focused on calculation of time variations of traffic volume and traffic intensity in various European cities. The OTM is developed within the European projects OpenTransportNet, SDI4Apps and Foodie and it is freely available (under the ODbL license) for user’s further use.


Topic Area:  [2.7] Citizen science/crowd sourcing
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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