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Swedish Geoprocess

Gunhild Lönnberg

(Submission #379)


Swedish Geoprocess The project Swedish Geoprocess (uniform geographic information) is a collaboration between Swedish municipalities, SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and the National Land Survey which aims to simplify the use of geographical data for as many of society's stakeholders as possible. The goal is to contribute to simpler and more effective exercise of authority for planning, property registration and building permits management, environmental and emergency work and infrastructure construction. The project is by order of the Swedish Government Offices. There is currently no common data standards and no uniform data set for geographic data that suits the need from the municipalities. The project's main task is to cooperatively develop data specifications for selected themes and to create more efficient work processes, mainly between municipalities and the National Land Survey. The project should enable consistent delivery of geographical data regardless of administrative boundaries.. The work includes descriptions for respective theme on how cooperation regarding the collection, storage and provision will be done. The themes are • Imagery • Hydrography • Elevation • Road and railway transport • Building • Address • Control point • Land Use • “Mixed minor features” The new data specification is based on data specifications from INSPIRE and ELF, the specified data types in these existing data specifications are use when it is possible. The collaboration has also accelerated and supported the introduction of the uniform reference systems SWEREF 99 and RH 2000. 282 of 290 municipalities are now using SWEREF 99, and work with four more are going on. For RH 2000 there are 199 ready and work are going on for 41. The Project has bene going on from the beginning of 2014 until June 2016, and after that period The National Land Survey has the responsibility for further development and administration of the specifications.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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