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Trendy INSPIRation

Maria Cabello and Isabel Goñi

(Submission #386)


Two years ago we were wondering if INSPIRE was at a crossroad and the interest of the Public administrations and Industry in the process. But actually, the question should be Is INSPIRE reaching its goals? Since the beginning the main actors have changed, statistical stakeholders (EUROSTAT) have passed on the torch to the environmental ones (European Environmental Agency, DG ENVironment), getting the Directive back on the track of the environmental aspects. JRC has made a great job coordinating all the aspects and has accomplished the enthusiastic involvement of different actors from Public Administrations (at national and subnational level) and industry from the European countries. They are all wishing to participate, although, in such a risky way that the snowflake can turn into a big snowball, that could roll down and thaw it, becoming water again that goes back to the riverbed. But, which riverbed are we talking about? Without a doubt, INSPIRE has increased the spatial information awareness. The use of compatible data models, interoperable standardised services that should be now more visible through the data and service catalogues. It should favour the reuse at different levels and boost the spatial culture and economy, allowing new stakeholders to join and benefit from it. But is this happening? The deployment speed is totally irregular depending on the countries. Probably, the most benefited countries are those starting from scratch, that have found a very detailed guide on how to prepare the data and services. The main difficulties have arisen among those actors with greater experience in the use of spatial information and especially in those specific themes that require additional reporting at different levels of public administration. In addition, the Copernicus programme, that is running in parallel to INSPIRE, should be considered as one of the main users of INSPIRE; and we should ask, what does INSPIRE need to be useful for Copernicus? If the INSPIRE compliant information is not easily available, particularly in cross-border areas, or the benefits obtained are lower than the investments/cost incurred, is INSPIRE really INSPIRing a sustainable environment?


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
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Comments:   INSPIRE, Copernicus, cost, benefits, users

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