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Enabling access to spatio-temporal observation data in a spatial data infrastructure through SOS and O&M

Alexander Kotsev, Simon Jirka, Alessandro Sarretta, Paolo Taglolato, Alessandro Oggioni, Carsten Hollmann, Sylvain Grellet, Kathi Schleidt, Stefano Menegon, Pawel Soczewski and Mickael Beaufils

(Submission #391)


INSPIRE broadly addresses the harmonisation and combined use of spatial data. There are however many cases where a limited number of sensors (both stationary and mobile) produce huge volumes of spatio-temporal observation data. This requires standards which are capable of effectively encoding and serving such data. This fact is well recognized in INSPIRE, and a temporary sub-group has been established within the INSPIRE MIG (MIWP-7a) which deals with observation data. The proposed workshop will be organized as an activity of the sub-group with the overall objective to present the results from the activities of the sub-group, together with other relevant use-cases. Structurally the workshop will be split into two sessions of 90 min. each.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   Two sessions of 90 min. each are foreseen.


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