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Re-using MIG results in the Member States: Conceptual and technical experiences of the INSPIRE Registry RoR implementation, a case study from Austria

Chris Schubert and Georg Seyerl

(Submission #393)


To evolve and deploy a national Registry service for publishing local, regional prevailing vocabularies and extensions to INSPIRE code lists, experiences of the implementation in Austria will be shared. Within the MIG – Maintenance and Implementation Group, the working group MIWP-6 for Registers was initiated for defining and providing conceptual requirements of a Registry of Register solution. The INSPIRE Implementation rules SDISS, as well the Data Specification for Annex I, II, III, defining a common, by member states, especially through TWG’s, agreed vocabulary. This INSPIRE vocabulary is used to reach a mutual level of semantic expression for INSPIRE relevant data sets. Apart from a listing and defining individual, multilingual existing code list values, the legal governance is described and precisely classified whether this code list are extensible. The level of such extensions is dictated such as "Extensible with narrower values" or at any level or as an empty code list. To provide such extension a national or thematic domain Vocabulary Server from a technical point of view is necessary. JRC is providing via the A3rena activity an open source software Re3gister for INSPIRE code lists. Within the MIWP-6 for Registers, a detailed concept of RoR, detailed technical description, software updates, and a lot of well-prepared use cases are supplied. In this discussion the national INSPIRE activities in Austria, for setting up a Registry in a frame of the RoR will be provided and the experiences shared. It will also be shown, that a well conceptualised software, a transparent discussion or good support is not really limiting the effort of a common understanding nor conceptual thinking. Basic discussions, like how to deal with vocabulary on a national and regional level, still exist and are necessary. Austrian use cases and the progress for the implantation of the Re3gistry within the Ror Environment will be presented. The presentation will also assign the complexity of decisions needed and causes how feedback procedure into a MIWP slows down and hence the risk on lack of efforts to bring decisions.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   registry, vocabulary, INSPIRE code list, extension, implementation

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