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Practical experiences with developing Linked Data applications in the MELODIES project

Jon Blower and MELODIES project participants

(Submission #396)


The use of Linked Data techniques for sharing information on the Web is growing in many communities. The promise of Linked Data is that barriers to data-sharing can be broken down through the use of common standards and identifiers, enabling data sources to be better described, formatted and related to each other.

In the MELODIES project we are developing eight real-world applications (or "services") based upon environmental data from many sources, including national meteorological services, the Sentinel satellite programme, municipal authorities and citizen observatories. In the project we are consuming and producing Linked Data within these applications, and are developing tools for Linked Data conversion, processing, analysis and visualisation.

In this presentation we will present our practical experiences with Linked Data, including issues such as:

1. Producing and consuming *geospatial* Linked Data using tools such as Strabon and GeoTriples

2. Costs associated with converting data to Linked Data

3. Using Linked Data to enable data discovery through mass-market search engines

4. Using Linked Data to enable data annotation and user feedback

5. Serving Linked Data as JSON and JSON-LD, for easier consumption in web browsers

6. Challenges associated with representing high-volume data (such as satellite imagery) using Linked Data and other semantically-rich formats

7. Selection of appropriate vocabularies for describing data (e.g. GeoDCAT-AP for catalogue-level metadata, for search engines, Semantic Sensor Network for describing scientific quantities).


Topic Area:  [2.9] Challenges and approaches to standardization of data and interoperability of systems.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   linked data, rdf, semantics, applications

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