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INSPIRE as the framework for heritage management in Poland.

Arkadiusz Kolodziej

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The register of monuments was established in Poland in 1928. INSPIRE Directive was the one of the main reasons why National Heritage Board of Poland (NID) launched the works on creation of procedures and IT tools supporting collection of spatial data that covered the register of monuments.

This issue was very complex because of the large dispersion of data among government organizations creating the register of monuments in Poland. The second reason was the lack of standardization of data collected at source (analogue documentation) public registers. This condition required a new approach to the shaping process of collection, validation and publication of spatial data. The project had a major social impact. Next to the government organization involved in the process of building the infrastructure for spatial information, part of the data was collected in crowdsourcing project - WIKI LOVES MONUMENTS organized by the Wikipedia Foundation.

As a result of the work carried out within 3 years (since 2013) NID collected in spatial databases complete information about Polish monuments - a total number of more than 92 000 spatial objects. During a project NID has developed a number of unique solutions for:

1. gathering documentation and transforming the data in its digital and standardized form with the corresponding geospatially enabled metadata (so-called SCANMANAGER tool),

2. collection, management and validation of spatial data using enterprise GIS tool called NID DESKTOP,

3. publication of spatial data on the NID's public geoportal New methods of visualization were applied depending on the scale of the map (so-called cartographic matrix approach)

4. interoperability solutions developed during the project allowed for the inclusion of data generated in a crowdsourcing project WIKI LOVES MONUMENTS. In may 2016 webpage was launched and more than 20 000 pictures were harvested from WIKI project.

In the presentation author will present all of the above solutions pointing to the INSPIRE directive as a framework that allowed in a relatively short period of time work out a comprehensive methods for spatial data management of Polish national heritage.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE, GIS, heritage management, data visualization, data dissemination, data quality, interoperability

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