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Let’s start with environment. Initial INSPIRE priority datasets implementation experience from Czech and Slovak republic.

Martin Tuchyňa, Jitka Faugnerova and Tomáš Kliment

(Submission #411)


Based on the new priority setting driven by the outcomes of the INSPIRE REFIT evaluation, all the spatial data sets required for the implementation of EU environmental law (in particular monitoring and reporting) shall be registered in INSPIRE infrastructure. Although at this time the process is about to start, it offers important opportunity to deliver the first low hanging fruits - demonstrating the potential of the infrastructure as well as delivering real challenges. Current list of identified priority datasets counts 46 unique spatial datasets delineated by the dossier of 45 various legislative acts. Although these datasets are already reported by the Member states, these are not visible via INSPIRE infrastructure. In order to improve the situation Member states are foreseen to identify them in close cooperation with the relevant authorities and reportéra, document them via INSPIRE metadata in order to be discoverable and publish via standardise INSPIRE spatial data services as they are. If the dataset content will fall within the INSPIRE scope, further harmonisation activities are foreseen to ensure the required level of interoperability. Although one would expect, this will be simple documenting / inventarisation exercise, the reality already shows interesting observations as from positive as well as negative perspective. As the whole process is still getting final shape on the European level, initial set of activities is already ongoing on national level. At the same time, close cooperation and information exchange among the member states with support of the European commission is important in order to ensure effective process and delivery of the expected results. This contribution will provide the first insights and will summarise the set of the observations, which can be used for the further discussion about the elimination of the identified issues and improvement of the whole process.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Challenges in creating spatial environmental (reference) data sets
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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