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Location data enabling urban sustainable energy planning

Guglielmina Mutani, albana kona, Giacomo Martirano and Isabella Maschio

(Submission #412)


To achieve the 2020 climate and energy objectives, modelling forecasts illustrate the need for the EU to move away from fossil fuels to low carbon sources and deeply transform its energy system. Therefore, reliable data, at national and at local level, are necessary in all the phases of the energy policy life cycle, from inventories, planning to implementation and monitoring. Valuable support to satisfying these data needs can be provided by the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC). There are tools that could be useful at local/regional levels to explore the different pathways and identify of the options for action which are necessary to drive the changes needed to achieve the sustainability goals. From literature review, there is a lack of harmonized input data to these models. The INSPIRE Directive has a role to play for its relevance in data and services harmonisation and coordination of thematic expertise at the European level. It can provide common data models and common data access rules adopted by all EU MS and a roadmap to provide interoperable datasets of high relevance with energy efficiency. The paper addresses the need for tools and harmonised input data enabling the redaction of Energy Action Plans at local level. Based on the data available at local level and compliant with the INSPIRE Directive, a method is developed to devise the parameters needed for monitoring of the energy policies: The first step will be the calculation of energy performance at building level, when no energy label or energy performance certificate are available, and in line with the calculation methods provided in the EPBD; from the building level, the methodology will describe the scaling up at urban level and it will enable assessments to be made of energy needs in groups of buildings, districts and cities. Furthermore, results from a case application of the method to a metropolitan area in Italy will be presented.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Urban and rural sustainability: Smart cities / Smart rural
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Buildings,energy efficiency, Urban planning, INSPIRE

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