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Deployment of Cloud Urban Information System in Turkey

Süleyman Salih Birhan and Dursun Yıldırım Bayar

(Submission #420)


Cloud Urban Information System manages and integrates the spatial data in scale of base map level, spatial data that is used for urban management and sharing of spatial data at national level. In Turkey there are 1365 municipalities and 30 metropolitan municalites, as well as 81 provinces as local governments.

Every local government use spatial data for their management activities and the awareness of benefits of spatial data usage increased. This awareness raises the necessity of investment in geospatial technologies, necessity of standardization and establishment of an efficient spatial data infrastructure. Because of this many local governments get into problems related to budget,financial resources, human resources and also technical assistance. Besides, a comprehensive management of spatial data at all levels in order to provide a feeding for spatial data infrastructure (SDI) and establishing compatibility with INSPIRE through SDI is one of the most important issues as well as establishing an interconnection with environment thorugh SDI. Urban management activities involve the use of spatial data, which mainly focus on “urban data” however necessity of interconnection between “urban data” and environmental data exists as an important task.

Today the idea to use of cloud computing has spread to all world which provides an efficient way to disseminate urban information systems as software as a service(SaaS). At the end of 2014, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation - General Directorate of Geographical Information Systems started the Cloud Urban Information System Project and it is concluded in 2016, in order to develop a cloud based urban information system.

Project components included data collection, data preparation and software development activities.Three municipalities and a province in Turkey were selected as pilot municipalities which are Elazığ, Ardahan, Talas Municipalities and Kırsehir Province. On site building data collection, digitizing of licences, digitizing of spatial plans and standardization and infrastructure data collection activities were held within the Project. A data model has been formed which is called KBS-GML and collected data were made compatible with the defined data model. Cloud Urban Information System developed in Turkey currently consists of four modules which are infrastructure module, address assessment module,spatial development module and building lisence module. Currently the system is deployed in pilot municipalities and new modules will be developed in "Technical Assistance for Capacity Building in Horizontal Sector for the Implementation of INSPIRE Directive Project".


Topic Area:  [2.3] Building dialogue between environment and human settlements via SDI
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional fields

Comments:   Cloud Computing; Urban Information System; INSPIRE driven Cloud;

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