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Expanding the Romanian NSDI

Lucian Zavate

(Submission #422)


The Romanian National Spatial Data Infrastructure is expanding aiming to provide support for a better collaboration and to facilitate the decision making process. The Military Topographic Directorate (DTM) is joining the National Agency for Cadaster and Land Registration's (NACLR) effort to implement and leverage INSPIRE in Romania. In 2015 DTM has successfully implemented and rolled out the Romanian Ministry of Defense INSPIRE node, the second INSPIRE node in Romania. DTM has selected Esri's software to implement its Geoportal, to harmonize the data sets it is responsible for, and to provide INSPIRE compliant services. With a long experience in developing and maintaining geospatial databases, DTM has accepted the challenge to do the transition from military standards based geospatial data to INSPIRE compliant data. Geographical Names, Elevation and Orthoimagery are the three INSPIRE themes that DTM is responsible for. With ongoing efforts to update these datasets DTM had to implement ETL mechanisms that are repeatable and easily adaptable that will allow them to keep producing new data and in the same time to provide INSPIRE compliant datasets and INSPIRE compliant services. This paper aims to present the tools and technologies that DTM has used to fulfill its role in implementing INSPIRE in Romania.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   elevation, geographical names, orthoimagery, NSDI, DTM, Romania

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