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Best practice to build a bridge between Inspire and the end users of the environmental & planning act (Netherlands)

Ronald lanen, Johan Arregon, Ruben Busink and sytske Postma

(Submission #424)


In the Netherlands the government is in a transition of the environmental & planning act (omgevingswet) Digitization is an important tool for good and simple implementation. Supply and demand are important factors in determining the transition and development of the digital environmental & planning act. The supply may, however, under certain conditions, be filled from Inspire. The good news, the whole infrastructure, datasets and services are in progress and some are already available. The next step is to translate the useful basis of inspire to the information needs of the end users of the environmental & planning act supporting the chain cooperation. To achieve the chain cooperation a different approach is needed. A process that brings different worlds together. Which process is needed to achieve the possible non existing principles to translate into clear principles and definitions for spatial digitalization? Do we all speak the same language? We show the opportunities in practice. Practical examples which are necessary to establish an appropriate legal, regulatory and organizational framework.

-Opportunities and examples of the importance of data quality and content and especially the process of the necessary chain cooperation.

-Opportunities and the benefits of semantically rich information by using harmonized libraries like object type library’s (OTL) as used by Building Information Models . Available, usable and resistance of data are the key words for a successful implementation of digital information. The principles of inspire can help to provide the information on the right spot.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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