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Building MSDI solutions enabling stakeholder cooperation in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea regions

Lise Schroeder and Henning Sten Hansen

(Submission #431)


Initiated by the implementation process following the EU directive on maritime spatial planning (MSP) from 2014, two closely coupled projects funded by Interreg have been launched during the spring 2016. The goal of the Baltic LINes project is to develop pan-Baltic planning solutions for shipping routes and linear energy infrastructure and integration of these in national plans, while the NorthSEE project similarly aims at improving cooperation between MSP authorities in the North Sea Region with a specific focus on achieving greater coherence between national plans and planning processes regarding shipping, energy and environmental protection. The MSP directive emphasises the importance of having reliable data as the foundation for maritime spatial plans, as well as a need for avoiding additional administrative burdens. In that regard existing instruments and tools for data collection as developed in the Marine Knowledge 2020 initiative and the INSPIRE Directive are pointed out as important means for information sharing among stakeholders. Thus, in order to facilitate regional cooperation and governance a specific aim of the Baltic LINes project is the further development of the HELCOM database and map service into a regional discovery portal providing access to data stored in the national MSDIs. In the Baltic LINes as well as the NorthSEE projects the stakeholders are involved actively by means of a gaming tool in order to gain information on user needs for the development process as well as facilitate learning and shared understandings. During the process this tool, called MSP Challenge, on one hand will engage participants in scenario building concerning maritime spatial planning issues as such, on the other hand it will contribute to make data needs, exchange services and interface issues concerning the MSDI aspects more tangible and understandable for the stakeholders. The presentation will present the initial results of this development process.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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