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INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting – Is this the way to go?

Martin Lenk and Sabine Geissler

(Submission #435)


Members of the EU have been obliged to observe and report about the national implementation INSPIRE since 2009. One element of this obligation is the annual and nationwide collection of indicators of the existence and conformity of metadata, services and spatial data sets, known as “INSPIRE Monitoring”. The other element is the publication of a pre-structured document, the INSPIRE Reporting, which has to be completed every three years.

The purpose of the Monitoring is described very briefly in the directive in article 21: “Member States shall monitor the implementation and use of their infrastructures for spatial information”. The corresponding implementation rule (Commission Decision of 5 June 2009 … as regards monitoring and reporting … (2009/442/EC)” does not explain anything else about the purpose. It just refers to article 21.

Almost a decade after the definition of the INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting, Member States and EU-Commission have to ask themselves if they are still using the right method to carry out “quality insurance”. A few questions thus need to be raised: Do the same pre-conditions exist as in 2007, when we introduced Monitoring and Reporting?

- What is our understanding of the word “Use” in the context of INSPIRE?

- Can we still rely totally on the results shown in the monitoring sheets and the reporting documents?

- Is it sufficient to consider the existence and conformity of metadata and spatial data sets?

- Is the present monitoring and reporting tool-set suitable for measuring the success of INSPIRE?

This presentation will give a brief introduction and overview of the monitoring and reporting process and results in Germany. It will explain the potentials and limitations of monitoring the success of INSPIRE, from a National and European perspective. It will also include ideas and suggestions for an improved approach towards monitoring and reporting.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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