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A European Geological Data Infrastructure as a tool for engineering companies working in Europe

Peter Bjørkman Scharling and Jørgen Tulstrup

(Submission #442)


The newly launched European Geological Data Infrastructure EGDI gives through its web-GIS access to a large number of pan-European geological datasets and services. These are in themselves of great value to engineering companies working in the areas of groundwater mapping and protection, geotechnical assessments, environmental assessments, mapping of mineral and energy resources, etc. But the EGDI also provides an infrastructure for easily integrating the engineering companies’ own data into the platform and use them in conjunction with the “standard” EGDI data. This is in particular relevant for companies working internationally. This presentation will demonstrate how data such as boreholes, geochemistry water levels and large document archives owned and collected by external consultants can be fully integrated with EDI-web-GIS in a very short time and ready for further inspection using the EGDI web-GIS for all project participants located across Europe. COWI is consultant for the The National Danish Railway Agency, BaneDanmark, on a large 3 mia. Euro project regarding upgrade of the entire railway network to electrical trains. This involves collection of large amounts of data from multiple sources throughout Denmark. COWI already hosts a solution for BaneDanmark that integrates these data into one platform, but it is here demonstrated how the same data also can be integrated seamlessly into the EGDI platform for use by all European followers.


Topic Area:  [2.9] Challenges and approaches to standardization of data and interoperability of systems.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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