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How many INSPIRE download WFS implementations are conformant? Let’s see one

Iurie Maxim, Sorin RUSU, Daniel Urdă and Daniel Cocanu

(Submission #443)


As the implementation milestones range until 2021, it is time to discover within the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe many good examples of download services implementations. The access to spatial information should be facilitated for machine to machine interactions and, from this point of view, the access to harmonized spatial datasets should be insured through direct access download services – WFS 2.0 implementations. Surprisingly, we found just a few valid implementations at European level in June 2016, according to search filter “with no issue at all”. To have a successful implementation of INSPIRE is not enough to publish metadata and give access through atom feeds to some archived shapefiles, more or less compliant with the data models, but to offer direct access to harmonized spatial datasets through standardized (implies harmonization of) services. This paper aims, on one hand, to highlight the lack of best practices in the direct access download services implementations in INSPIRE and, on the other hand, to propose you to analyze and test one of the very few valid direct access download services, an implementation that might be given as example of good practice. It is also an invitation to all of you to share experiences with various platforms, tools and practices for providing valid INSPIRE WFS implementations, as there are a lot of organizations needing them.


Topic Area:  [2.9] Challenges and approaches to standardization of data and interoperability of systems.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   interoperability; validation; download service; direct access; WFS

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