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Galileo ready to link with INSPIRE

Alina Hriscu and Reinhard Blasi

(Submission #447)


Galileo is Europe’s own global navigation satellite system (GNSS), providing global positioning services under civilian control. By offering dual frequencies as standard, Galileo open service is set to deliver real-time positioning accuracy down to the metre range (in combination with already existing GNSS constellations). Centimetre level accuracy is envisaged to be provided by using Galileo-enabled augmentation services or via the Galileo triple frequency Commercial Service. The INSPIRE directive aims to create an EU spatial data infrastructure. INSPIRE compliant geospatial data is often collected using GNSS. Therefore, Galileo straightforwardly plays a role for INSPIRE. In addition, Copernicus, the other EU space flagship programme, and Galileo could complement each other: Galileo provides geolocation, tracking and positioning while Copernicus provides Earth Observation data for monitoring and analysis of the area of interest. Resulting datasets can be made available to the users in an INSPIRE compliant way. The presentation and the follow-up discussions shall be focused on the role of Galileo and an update of the programme.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   GNSS, GSA, GALILEO, COPERNICUS, geospatial data acquisition, data collection, positioning

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