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Using INSPIRE as part of the strategy for ubiquitous services in the Internet of Things

Keiran Millard

(Submission #452)


This paper looks at the intercept between the data standards developed by the Inspire Community and Data standards by the IoT community. It specifically considers how Inspire provides a key logical layer and associated infrastructure to underpin IoT services. In the converse the IoT provides a strong use case for Inspire. The emerging IoT community is confronted by a number of issues that are similar to those faced by the environmental data community when Inspire was envisioned in 2011. Namely the issues of interoperability between data services and data clients. The IoT community is therefore developing standards that facilitate discovery and download of data from heterogeneous IoT data sources. There is however considerable overlap between the Inspire space and the IoT space, not least when we are concerned with data from environmental sensors. In Inspire these would be covered by the EF data theme. In addition Inspire provides service interfaces to a huge pool of harmonised data that could underpin many analytical data services in the IoT world. In this paper we explicitly look at the recent Hypercat standard (British Standard PAS 212: 2016) for IoT discovery in conjunction with the Inspire Hydrography and Inspire Environmental Monitoring Facilities. We look at use cases in the IoT domain for water management and examine how the two standards complement each other from a logical/conceptual view point and also a deployment/service view point.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Multi-disciplinary e-infrastructures
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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