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INSPIRE: a backbone for water community in the future? Part II Point of view of a website user

Corina Boscornea

(Submission #461)


Under a European Commission pilot project, International Office for Water has developed an open source generic website ( dedicated to urban waste water. It can be used by European Member States to disseminate urban waste water information based on a common European data model. It includes INSPIRE services requested under Article 11 of the INSPIRE directive. The generic site contains also automatic features that go beyond INSPIRE requirements: compliance calculations, graphic viewing, individual sheets for each agglomeration, waste water treatment plant, discharge point, and receiving area, a facilitated access to dataset including via web services and various print and export functions. It has been successfully tested at national level by some pilot countries such as Romania or Cyprus.

The way the system is organized enables further developments and evolutions. It contributes to improve the implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, on one of the most expensive European environmental legislation.

The objective of this thematic session is to present the multi-benefits approach and the functionalities of the IT system created and how it has been welcomed by pilot countries.

It will explore not only how this approach can be reused by others in other fields but also propose debates on the way forward by presenting and discussing the issues raised during the pilot project, with in view to think about the future of INSPIRE directive.

The presentation of Corina Boscornea is the second presentation that is after one presentation about the website functionalities (Benoit Fribourg-Blanc - IT system developper)and before the last presentation that is about the future evolution of the system (bruno Rakedjian).

The summarize of her presentation is the following:

Romania has accepted to become involved in a European Commission project to test at national level a urban waste water website inspire compliant. Romania is a country that has still to invest billions of euros in urban waste water policy to achieve the requirements of the urban waste water directive. Corina Boscornea will present her point of view on this project and why Romania is going now to use it.


Topic Area:  [1.9] Environment-related threats to health (pesticides, noise, air/water/soil pollution)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Multi-benefits approach and functionalities of a waste water dissemination website ( that implements INSPIRE services. How to use it and how to reuse this approach in other fields? How to go further to INSPIRE requirements to the benefit of the final users..


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