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An implementation of a spatial data infrastructure based on local opendata, INSPIRE and Copernicus datasets

David Hello and Guillaume Rieu

(Submission #467)


Within the frame of the EC funded SATURN project (agreement SI2.680449), TerraNIS has setup a geoinformation platform (so called Spatial Data Infrastructure) in order to harvest, catalog and store datasets coming from multiple sources : local open data from non-governmental organizations, INSPIRE data from local, regional and national authorities as well as data coming from some Copernicus Core Services. The objective was to provide the SATURN project partners with a seamless and easy access to a wide variety of data in order to feed their own demonstrators related to some Intelligent Transport issues over the Bordeaux metropolis area. A feedback on the implementation of such a platform will be presented including some lessons learnt about the use of data coming from heterogeneous sources.


Topic Area:  [2.4] INSPIRE + Open Data + COPERNICUS
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   spatial data infrastructure, georchestra, OGC

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