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UN-GGIM & UN SDGs – How can INSPIRE support the better integration of geospatial information and statistics and the UN SDG monitoring?

Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu

(Submission #480)


The aim of UN-GGIM: Europe is to ensure that the National Mapping And Cadastral Authorities (NMCAs) and National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) in the European UN Member States, the European Commission and its associated agencies work together to contribute to the more effective geospatial management and its integration with other information. The Executive Committee of UN-GGIM: Europe believes that there is scope for the regional entity to focus on how geospatial data can enhance sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda in Europe.

Some of the most important issues currently being dealt with are related to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. The creation of a monitoring setup for the indicators is a huge and complex task. But at the same time, this provides an opportunity for the NSIs and NMCAs in European UN Member States to work together with the wider geospatial community to raise the importance of the geospatial data in enhancing, measuring and monitoring progress made toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

UN-GGIM: Europe will work closely with the European Member States which are nominated as experts to Working Group on Geospatial Information of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG (IAEG-SDG). As a European contribution to the global process on developing a framework for monitoring indicators, UN-GGIM: Europe will – through the UN-GGIM: Europe WG on “Data Integration” – ensure a two-way interaction with the IAEG-SDG Working Group on Geospatial Information.

On the one hand the WG on “Data Integration” will ensure that the IAEG-SDG WG has access to existing work and ongoing working mechanisms in Europe related to achieving the goals and monitoring indicators. On the other hand, the WG on “Data Integration” will develop geospatial methodologies and approaches on monitoring, based on the European INSPIRE implementing rules and its technical specifications and on the SDG indicators from the IAEG-SDG WG, making it available to the European authorities responsible for monitoring. It will be necessary to elaborate how INSPIRE data and services can be used for the UN SDG monitoring.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Exchange of spatial data to support sustainable environment
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