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Open Data Access and Harmonisation by Virtual Hub – ENERGIC OD solutions

Stefano Nativi, Paolo Mazzetti, Stefan Braumann, Erwan Bocher and Silvano De Zorzi

(Submission #109)


The ENERGIC OD Project Team has the pleasure to invite you to the Workshop on Open Data Access and Harmonisation by Virtual Hub – ENERGIC OD solutions held in Kehl, Germany, on the 4th of September 2017 in the frame of the INSPIRE Conference 2017. The workshop is organised as the final conference of the ENERGIC OD Project, which results and developed solutions will be presented and discussed.

The world of geographic information (GI) is, at present, extremely heterogeneous. User and system requirements, too varied to be satisfied by a single system or technology, create a barrier to realizing the full exploitation potential of GI. ENERGIC OD addresses these problems by adopting a broker architectural approach, designed and developed in recent research activities and implemented in. In this approach, specific components (the brokers) perform all interoperability actions required to interconnect heterogeneous systems. Three years of the Project execution resulted with a set of fully operational Virtual Hubs (VH) integrating an existing broker framework with other selected technologies to provide users with a single point of access to geospatial datasets enabled by new or existing platforms and infrastructures, including INSPIRE-compliant systems and Copernicus services. This innovative approach has been used in the Project as a platform for the development of ten multidisciplinary applications based on the full exploitation of open geospatial information. The applications serve as a good example of the future ones, created and deployed by business entities interested in using this stimulating innovation for their business activities.

The workshop will be focused on the virtual hub demonstration based on the ENERGIC OD Project solutions enabling open data proliferation in Europe. The main objectives, functionality and spatial data content of the pan-European virtual hub, integrating five national ones, will be presented. One of the ten elaborated applications demonstrating the use of a virtual hub will be additionally displayed, and discussions with a panel of stakeholders engaged.

The main objective of the workshop is to deliver the knowledge on the development and use of a virtual hub as an efficient and harmonised way of open data distribution and access, to facilitate exploitation by both data providers and end-users.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Technical solutions for optimizing and/or extending the INSPIRE technical framework
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   virtual hub, harmonisation, data dissemination, INSPIRE


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