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Extending INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels to full national Cadastral Map

Michal Med

(Submission #116)


INSPIRE Specifications cover minimum common requirements of all European countries in the given topic. National users do not use INSPIRE so much, because of the major lack of data attributes. INSPIRE harmonized data do not contain all information about the topic users need. On the other hand, data are in a strict structure and open format with a high potential to become linked data. To take advantage of both approaches I have developed extension of the application schema and then XML schema definition (XSD) following the valid cadastral map according to the Czech law. The extended model comes completely from the INSPIRE data model for Cadastral Parcels in version 3.1 and extended XSD inherits from the INSPIRE XSD in version 4.0. Extension covers feature types cadastral parcels and cadastral boundaries with additional attributes and completely new feature types needed by national users. Data model is extended by easements, geodetic points, topographical names, planimetry supplements, inner drawings et cetera. To exploit the potential of linked data a set of new codelists was created to cover all the possible values of new attributes, but where possible, attributes were linked to existing codelists, e.g. HILUCS values. With a proper styling (using SLD or similar standards) it is possible to visualize cadastral vector map exactly following the cadastral instruction with all advantages of INSPIRE principles.


Topic Area:  [1.8] Spatial planning (land – maritime)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   extension, XML schema definition, cadastral parcels, cadastral map, linked data

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