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INSPIRE harmonization experiences by Statistics Netherlands

Pieter Bresters

(Submission #121)


Outline Statistics Netherlands has recently tried to harmonize its Statistical Units. Experiences will be shared and a view in the future will be given. SN sees an important role for the OGC Table Joining Service to join the SDMX tables (as published by the member states via Eurostat services) with the harmonised statistical Units, in order to make them useful for GIS users.

Background Statistics Netherlands has been held responsible for datasets that fit the description of the following INSPIRE themes: • Statistical Units • Land Use • Population Distribution • Human Health

By the end of 2013, these datasets were published in their original data models as OGC services. The next step is the harmonization to the INSPIRE data models.

Harmonization experiences At the moment of submission of this abstract, Statistics Netherlands is experiencing the harmonization of the Statistical Units. In this presentation, we will show the problems that we encountered, both with vectors and grids. Harmonized statistical vector units can already be accessed by using the following URL’s in a spatial viewer: One of the encountered problems is, that all the different statistical units had to be put together in one feature type. To use them, they need to be separated again by means of a filter. This is not very user friendly.

Future The next harmonization will be for our Land Use dataset. For the Population Distribution and Human Health themes, Statistics Netherlands is strongly doubting the usefulness of INSPIRE harmonisation, because these data are already harmonised and machine readable via SDMX services:

So why should all member states do this all over again?

INSPIRE vision The INSPIRE vision of Statistics Netherlands is that all member states should use the existing SDMX services as they are and that they should be made available to the geographical community by means of a Table Joining Service (TJS). This is a service that joins online tables to online Statistical Units, with online OGC geoservices as output. The ELF project has shown this is possible. On the basis of an impact analysis for a Dutch case, Statistics Netherlands has recently decided to finance the implementation of a TJS at the Dutch hosting organization for INSPIRE services:


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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