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Introducing User Feedback in SDI to improve data quality and user experience

Paul van Genuchten, Robin Smith, Michael Lutz and Francesco Pignatelli

(Submission #128)


The W3C working group 'Data on the Web Best Practices' recently included 2 best practices related to gathering and publishing of user feedback when publishing data on the web (Farias Lóscio et al, 2017). In the spatial domain the FP7 GeoViqua project has raised this topic before (Broek, 2014), the latter work is now adopted by OGC in the Geospatial User Feedback working group (Masó, 2014).

User feedback provides ways to improve metadata and data quality. Publishing the collected user feedback in the context (metadata) of the dataset provides value to potential users. User feedback can contain hints how to best use the data and gives an indication of the relevance of a dataset.

To explore these concepts in practice we are implementing a prototype of a user feedback system inside the Geonetwork open source project, a catalogue product widely used to implement INSPIRE discovery services. Our goal is to test how user feedback can best be implemented in the context of an existing INSPIRE catalogue product, based on the suggestions provided by the GeoViqua project and W3C.

In the presentation we will show some of the current progress of our experiments and would like to discuss with conference delegates how they envisage adopting user feedback practices and tools within their organisations’ SDIs. For example, should such an approach closer to metadata management engage with feedback mechanisms that may already be in place? Similarly, how can implicit feedback be used by analysing users' searching and browsing behaviour, while taking into consideration related issues of personal privacy, data protection and trust.

This work is being executed in the scope of the EU’s ISA2 Programme, where the EC Joint Research Centre is leading the new ELISE Action, addressing several interoperability issues related to geospatial data and services. ELISE has launched new activities to improve the discoverability, accessibility and usability of INSPIRE services, building on Geonovum’s Geo4Web testbed from 2016 (Portele et al, 2016).


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Topic Area:  [2.8] Innovation and technologies for spatial data collection, processing and integration in spatial data infrastructures (for example; Galileo/EGNOSS, Copernicus data and services, sensor web, Internet of Things, Big Data analytics)
Abstract Type:  Speed Presentation (5')

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