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Legal advice on cadastral and registration geo-information with drone technology (UAVs)

Efrén Díaz Díaz

(Submission #129)


The INSPIRE Directive and its regulatory development in each Member State of the European Union has made an important contribution in the legal process, both administrative and judicial. From our professional experience as Lawyers specialized in administrative, technological and geospatial matters, the official geoinformación according to INSPIRE standards represents a considerable added value, a direct practical benefit and a tool of remarkable utility in administrative procedures and judicial processes. We would like to illustrate this added value of geoinformation with the example of a successful case where it was necessary to coordinate the physical reality of large land with its representation and description in the Cadastre and in the Land Registry. The application of the INSPIRE Directive and its development in national regulation has improved in Spain with the new geospatial standards of cadastral and registry coordination, through the "principle of legal interoperability of geoinformation". The legal and technical standards set by the INSPIRE Directive have allowed for greater cooperation and technical and legal coordination in specific cases in which we must intervene as legal advisers. Therefore, as Lawyers specializing in Geospatial Law, we have presented the legal analysis of the problem based on the prior obtaining of geospatial data and metadata using "drones" (UAVs), to provide high quality geoinformation, precision and resolution, acquired in much shorter time (from weeks to days) and with a considerable reduction of economic costs. Based on these spatial data generated with "drones" and complying with the technical and legal requirements set by the INSPIRE Directive, we have performed the various technical operations and legal processes with greater legal certainty and security, in order to achieve the correct coordination of the physical, cadastral and registry reality in the interest of the client and with greater patrimonial, economic and legal security benefits for all interested parties. As a conclusion, the coordination and cooperation of the INSPIRE data infrastructure in the legal sector, as well as its interoperability and coherence, has allowed us to provide legal advice with greater efficiency and effectiveness in the interests of clients and the solution of problems. In addition, the experience has been very positive for grouping and aligning technological and legal resources, as well as for helping us to create and develop a cross-sectional 360º view on new value propositions aimed at serving clients, with a great work "out of the box" and highly innovative.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
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Comments:   Geospatial Law, legal cases, legal interoperability of geoinformation, added value, INSPIRE, innovation, drones, UAV

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