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Increased use of Feature catalog metadata in SDI's

Paul van Genuchten

(Submission #130)


Feature catalog metadata describes the data model of a dataset. Which attributes, of what type are available, their localised label and what they represent. ISO/TC211 suggested an approach to describe feature catalog metadata in the ISO19110 standard. The adoption of this standard has been low. Recently there is an increased interest in this standard. One of the drivers is the potential use of this information for automating the process of transformation of spatial data to RDF linked data.

In the Netherlands a set of interested parties recently formed a group to discuss best practices and benefits of feature catalog metadata. An aspect of the low adoption may be related to the aspect of lacking easy-to-use tooling to create feature catalog metadata. Geonetwork includes support for ISO19110 metadata. The European Environment Agency has actually some good examples of feature catalog metadata in their Geonetwork implementation. In the scope of the Dutch interest group we're currently examining some improved features in GeoNetwork to facilitate the creation and use of feature catalog metadata, such as: auto-create feature catalog metadata from a WFS describeFeatureType request, use feature catalog metadata to improve the visualisation of the WMS featureInfo response, add an option to assign links to concepts from (INSPIRE) ontologies to features and featureTypes, exposing wfs Content as RDF.

In this presentation I want to share the current findings of the interest group and discuss with conference delegates potential benefits, experiences and/or approaches of introducing feature catalog metadata. Introducing feature catalog metadata could be a step in the INSPIRE harmonisation process that we have ahead of us. Or may even provide an alternative in some cases.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Speed Presentation (5')

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