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The INSPIRE Reference Validator

Michael Lutz, Robin Smith, Clemens Portele and Robert Tomas

(Submission #134)


Validating their implementations and resources against INSPIRE requirements is a crucial step for implementers to understand how far they have progressed towards the INSPIRE goals and where further work is still needed. Validation can also provide an easy and automatic tool to understand and interpret the requirements in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines.

The development of commonly agreed rules and corresponding tools for conformity testing has therefore been one of the key activities of the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation group (MIG) from the very beginning. Apart from supporting INSPIRE implementers in the Member States, this activity aims at avoiding inconsistencies between validation results in different Member States and at the European level and the duplication of development, maintenance and operation efforts for validation tools across Europe.

Under action MIWP-5, the work between 2014 and 2016 mainly focused on the development of commonly agreed Abstract Test Suites (ATS) for the most relevant INSPIRE Technical Guidelines, including for metadata, network services and data interoperability.

Based on these ATS, a reference validator has been developed under the ARE3NA ISA action. This work includes the development of - a re-usable test framework, which allows, among other things, to connect to external test engines (such as the OGC CITE engine), and - Executable Test Suites, which implement the tests defined in the ATSs.

After presenting an early version of this validation tool during the 2016 INSPIRE Conference, version 1.0 of the reference validator has now been released, providing test resources for the data sets, metadata and services for the Directive’s Annex I themes. The resources are also being developed as a reusable tool for local deployment and offer an API so that the tool can be integrated into organisations’ data-sharing workflows.

The presentation will demonstrate the current status of and future plans for the developments of the validator as well as the governance framework established under the MIG for maintaining the ATSs, ETSs and the test framework.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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