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How much INSPIRE counts for Digital Single Market

Vanda Nunes de Lima

(Submission #137)


The implementation of INSPIRE is progressive, following different patterns according to National conditions and European drivers. Since 2011 the number of spatial datasets available augmented, followed by digital services to expose them. The use of the INSPIRE data infrastructure by regional and local authorities increased in the last years, most influenced by the measures taken at National coordination bodies of INSPIRE implementation. The synergies between open data, eGovernment and INSPIRE are mutually helping coherence, efficiency in using the resources and delivering benefits. Although existing well succeeded different MS approaches to quantify those benefits with significant figures, a comprehensive analysis all over EU is still missing. Digital technologies and the amount of data made available trigger new products, services, business models, innovations. The Digital Single Market strategy adopted on May 2015 aims to maximising the positive impact of the digital transformation on people’s lives and European business activity. The Digital Economy and Society Index is a composite index that summarises relevant indicators on Europe’s digital performance and tracks the progress of EU MS in digital competitiveness. DESI has five dimensions, in each of them INSPIRE can recognise a facet of its reality. One of them regards the digital public services, where the eGovernment supply side is measured looking at the relation public authority and citizens administrative requirements. This indicator also depicts a part of the public services where INSPIRE plays a role (e.g. cadastre, permissions) Analysing the benefits of INSPIRE, we see often the impact of using digital data and services within the public administration –inside a Ministry or in the relations across ministries- in terms of savings costs and time, increase quality of service delivery, reduce burden, do once, integration of information, enabling evidence based decisions. Benefits are also tangible for the transactions between public administration and private sector, in particular SMEs and new trends are reported already. No doubt that INSPIRE is a driver for innovation, evolving along with and as part of the digital transformation. An effort is necessary to measure what is not yet measured, giving evidences from the use of INSPIRE infrastructure that can contribute to design policy actions to fill in the gaps. The DSM midterm evaluation recognises the “need to boost the digital skill of citizens, modernise public administration, and facilitate the roll-out of future digital infrastructure”. Only knowing where we are it’s possible to know what is missing to achieve the goals.


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