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Landuse Dataset Derivation from Fundamental Base of Geographic Data - feasibility study

Pavel Sidlichovsky

(Submission #138)


Land survey office was tasked with analyzis of the possibility to derive the landuse dataset from it's fundmental base of topographic data. Such dataset would serve as an interim measure, till landuse data could be homogenized amongst administration institutions, under coordination of Ministry for regional development. Current Landuse information in Czech republic is maintained on several levels of local and central administration, as a result data are fragmented and even not always fully digitized. In the presentation strong and weak sides of such solution will be discussed, including the feasibility of HILUCS codelist for land use tesselation. Identified opportunities for future development of data content of topographic database and identified threats, including the threat of disparity between current landuse dataset derived from topographic data and planned landuse dataset, created using municipal authoritative plans will be described.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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