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National Spatial Data Infrastructure development in Republic of Macedonia

Sonja Dimova

(Submission #145)


According with the legal regulation of Republic of Macedonia, the national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) is establishing technological, legal and administrative framework for inter-institutional cooperation, which supports the initiatives for e-government and enables the integration of the spatial data from different sources into one network. NSDI law of Republic of Macedonia was adopted by parliament in 2014 ( In accordance with Article 29 the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre is responsible for establishing, maintaining and providing public access to the NSDI geo-portal, maintenance of metadata services, a registry of metadata and associated trainings. The results from the monitoring, confirmed that into the Law on NSDI are transposed 72% of the mandatory provisions of the European INSPIRE directive. After the adoption of the Law on NSDI, we started its implementation. First of all, according to the Law was to establish the NSDI governance structure, and then move towards realization of the technical component-development and implementation of the National geo-portal. The national geo-portal was launched in June 2015 and is available at the following link The geo-portal is a modern web solution which enables publishing, searching and using of geo-spatial data from 17 Government institutions, the City of Skopje, Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce. Searching of data and services on the portal is done through the metadata catalog. Web Services for view and download are created and published for the data sets. Searching for data sets is free of charge, but for using the data/services (WMS and WFS) paying compensation must be done. The payment is directly on the geo-portal with e-payment, through which e-commerce is realized. The free use of data and services published on national geo-portal is allowed for the ministries and government agencies, which for this purpose should sign an agreement for sharing of spatial data sets and services. By signing the agreement they acquire an exclusive right (username and password) and they can use the data and services in a quick and efficient manner. The development of the NSDI in Republic of Macedonia will be explained in detail and presented during the conference.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
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Comments:   NSDI, law, spatial data sets, national geo-portal, agreement

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