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Improving public safety with National Security Map

Marcin Grudzień

(Submission #147)


Governments of all democratic countries struggle to improve the quality of life of its citizens. There is a number of factors that affect quality of life such as material conditions, health, human rights, quality of education and environment. One of the key factors is also public safety. When considering public safety one might think that serious crimes like terrorist attacks, murders, armed robberies are the ones that are considered by majority of population as most dangerous and thus they are affecting the quality of life the most. However, most of the studies in this area suggest that these are the minor crimes like acts of vandalism, incorrect car parking, exceeding speed limit that worry people the most. And it is because of sheer numbers. Serious crimes happen relatively rarely, thus they affect a relatively small group of people, whereas petty crimes happen much more often. Therefore, they can be noticed by larger population. You can ask yourself a question how many times you have seen an act of homicide? Most of the people living in European Union countries will probably answer never. On the other hand, on our way to work or school we can sometimes see broken windows, overthrown trashcans or vehicles parked in a wrong place. And this is something that we see every day that affects our sense of security. Moreover, such crimes happen so often that they are rarely reported. In many cases people simply do not notice or do not have time to report such situations. In order to deal with a minor crimes in a better way Polish Ministry Of Administration and Internal Affairs came up with an idea of Internet application that could be used by people to report locations of petty criminal offences and potentially dangerous events detected in their neighbourhood. The application called National Security Map (NSM) has been created by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography. Due to already established INSPIRE framework, the application was developed in only three months. After implementing NSM every location reported by application users is verified by the Police and if confirmed, processed further according to proper legal procedures. Reporting an event now only takes a few seconds and citizens can be certain that their submissions are not being ignored. Currently, around 1250 locations from the area of Poland are reported daily with the application which proves its usefulness.


Topic Area:  [1.12] Mitigation and management of natural and man-made hazards and disasters
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   public safety, management of man-made hazards and disasters, e-Government applications, public participation, GIS applications

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