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INSPIRE implementation ideas fostering adoption and use

Roberto Lucchi

(Submission #149)


Thanks to INSPIRE, awareness of the benefits provided by an interoperable and web accessible spatial data sharing platform has grown rapidly—as have expectations for its use. As INSPIRE node implementations are becoming alive at different geographic scales and thematic areas across Europe, it is imperative to introduce appropriate INSPIRE service exploitation plans that provide measurable evidence of the benefits. The important experience that could be gathered in such an effort also represents a driver for maintenance aspects in INSPIRE, and a key factor for sustaining the program. In absence of sufficient user feedback, the success for INSPIRE would be relegated to compliance tests, and the evolution of business models and technical solutions would be at risk. In addition, INSPIRE users cannot get the full benefit if they just can map where INSPIRE data are. It is also important for them seeing how these data relate to each other, determining what that all means and consequently evaluating and deciding what actions need to be taken to tackle the political, societal and environmental challenges of our planet. In this presentation, we would like to share some thoughts about the factors that can facilitate as well as those that will complicate developing such a user basis. In order to put emphasis on use, we would like to suggest 1. Encourage the use of agile methodologies for content sharing helping data providers to expose what’s available for early adoption and value assessment. Simpler INSPIRE implementation patterns and flexibility in compliance would foster greater participation and sustainable implementation plans. 2. Enforcement of compliance requirements based on technical guidance documents should be applied only after wider adoption is proven. 3. Foster adoption and use 3.a. Encourage the use of agile methodologies for app development and business models for sustaining them. 3.b. Create a lab framework facilitating the exploitation of INSPIRE resources, similar in spirit to the ESA science hub, that will put the infrastructure to fruition.


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