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How INSPIRE has influenced the redesign of French topographic database

dominique laurent

(Submission #150)


IGN France is redesigning its large scale topographic database due to several reasons, including getting closer to INSPIRE. For this purpose, the main input have been the issues raised during the transformation of existing data, mainly documented in matching table meeting minutes. These issues are of several types: imperfect matching of source and INSPIRE concepts, loss of information, need to create new features and challenge to give them unique and persistent identifiers, complex transformation process (e.g. requiring to link several source feature types). IGN has modified the content and structure of its database in order to make transformations to INSPIRE both easier and of better quality. In addition, IGN has enriched its large scale topographic database specifications by adding some of the INSPIRE attributes that were not yet present in previous version. INSPIRE has strongly influenced the redesign of the French topographic database but for various reasons, IGN has never envisaged to adopt a formal extension of INSPIRE data models, i.e. respecting the rules of the Generic Conceptual Model. The main reasons for adopting a more flexible adaptation of INSPIRE include the focus on data content and not on data modelling, the lack of UML culture in IGN France, the fact that INSPIRE was only one driver among others, the complexity of INSPIRE data models, the language issue.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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