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Extending or adapting INSPIRE?

dominique laurent and Morten Borrebaek

(Submission #151)


The INSPIRE KEN (Knowledge Exchange Network) of EuroGeographics, Geonovum and EuroSDR are organizing in June 2016 a workshop dedicated to the influence of INSPIRE on new data and products. The proposed presentation aims to expose the main learnings of this workshop. Although INSPIRE is not a directive that requires new data capture, using INSPIRE data specifications as a basis for national or community extensions is strongly encouraged. This is clearly stated in the INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model, further stating that it is expected to influence modelling activities for spatial data at the national level, because it adds value to the national spatial data infrastructures and simplifies transformation to the INSPIRE data specifications. INSPIRE requirements are often considered as an input, when considering to use INSPIRE data specifications with additional information to also fulfil national requirements In long term, this will enable easier transformation to INSPIRE and a richer semantic content in data made available for the INSPIRE data specifications. Similar consideration is also taking place in different EU initiatives, considering how INSPIRE could be extended to fulfil their requirements, for example in the marine sector and for CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and more generally e-reporting process. However, some stakeholders choose to develop formal extensions of INSPIRE data models whereas other ones have chosen more flexible adaptation of these INSPIRE models. Using INSPIRE data models as a basis for national (and other EU related) initiatives is already going on, based upon different adaptation patterns. This workshop aims at sharing different experiences of adapting INSPIRE data models, at discussing the rationale to choose or not formal extensions (i.e. conform or not to INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model recommendations) and at presenting various existing extension patterns, with their advantages and disadvantages, including experience at best practise. The presentation aims to provide main learnings from this workshop.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Technical solutions for optimizing and/or extending the INSPIRE technical framework
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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