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Extension on the data model INSPIRE Utility Networks from a business point of view

Ad van Houtum

(Submission #158)


The Netherlands have an information system called KLIC that provides maps of cables and pipelines to excavators. The goal is that they get an idea of the underground situation before digging and in this way prevent excavation damages. There is a legal obligation to use this system and since 2008 it is being serviced by the Dutch NMCA: Kadaster. Some time ago the industry urged on system improvements, following the technical developments. The excavators needed vectorised data, usable in mobile applications and delivered with more speed. The network operators wanted to improve efficiency and for safety reasons they wanted to be kept informed of the applicant and the excavation area. The sector as a whole wanted to maintain the principle: the user pays for the service. The requirements are equivalent to those of INSPIRE, except for AAA: authentication, authorisation and accounting. To prevent cannibalisation on the national statutory service INSPIRE Utility Networks will be integrated in the national system as an extra product. From a business point of view a general data model combining both the national and the European data is a must. We have decided to extend the INSPIRE data model using the Mixin Multiple Inherence Method. It provides a flexible solution and keeps the national data model recognizable. The model is now ready and the INSPIRE-product is being tested. The new system with the INSPIRE Utility Networks product will be launched as soon as the amended Dutch law has come into force.


Topic Area:  [1.13] Utility and asset management – public and private sector
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