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Combining INSPIRE and Copernicus for operational urban spatial analysis: enhancing data on urban population and employment

Hugo Poelman

(Submission #160)


Geospatial data and analysis are increasingly important assets in monitoring processes related to the UN sustainable development goals and to the implementation of EU cohesion policy. The development of thematic urban indicators requires a solid spatial data infrastructure, providing high-resolution multi-purpose data in a harmonised way. Both the Copernicus land component and various INSPIRE data themes are obvious candidates to meet this challenge. This presentation focuses on concrete examples of Copernicus – INSPIRE combinations. It discusses how combining Copernicus Urban Atlas land use data can be combined with INSPIRE buildings data to enhance the quality of high-resolution estimates of urban residential population and of workplace-based employment in cities. This is illustrated by concrete examples using data on building surface, functions and height in France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Use and potential of INSPIRE for the development of indicators
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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