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UN-GGIM: Europe core data to complement the INSPIRE framework – second step

dominique laurent

(Submission #165)


The INSPIRE Directive has set up the legal and technical framework for harmonising the existing data related to the themes of annexes I, II and III. INSPIRE specifications provide common data models that ensure the first step towards interoperability. However, INSPIRE being based on existing data, it is likely that different INSPIRE datasets will not be homogeneous in their content and level of detail. This background led the UN-GGIM: Europe Regional Committee to setup in 2014 the Work Group A (WG A) on Core Data to deal with core data content and quality, production issues, funding and data availability. The first phase of WG A was to determine core data themes among the 34 INSPIRE themes. This first step lead to the selection of 14 core themes and was presented during the 2016 INSPIRE conference. The second step is to work out recommendations for content for the 14 selected themes. These recommendations will complement the INSPIRE initiative by defining the priorities on the core content to be made available, either by harmonising existing data when practicable or by producing new data when necessary. Working out these recommendations is based on the one hand on user requirements, with focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and on the other hand on INSPIRE data specifications which are used as starting point. The presentation aims to remind the objectives of core data, to explain the general methodology for determining the priorities and deciding on core content, and to provide the results on the first core themes that have been treated until now.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Technical solutions for optimizing and/or extending the INSPIRE technical framework
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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