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How to use the INSPIRE directive to manage your geodata?

Valentin Blanlot and Clotilde Pinault

(Submission #168)


For Isogeo’s clients, one main question is how to respond quickly and effectively to the complex European directive INSPIRE.

Since the introduction of the INSPIRE directive, the European countries have been required to take a top-down approach to implementing data management solutions. By this, we mean that all SDI Architecture is led by central and local government decisions, rather than by end-user geodata management requirements.

In France for example, we have around 20 different SDIs. All of them are led and supported by main public organizations, such as Régions and Départements. In most cases, they are subsidized by Europe. The end-users involved in the Inspire directive, such as cities, national parks, fire stations have to register and document their data on these obligatory platforms. This is typically a top-down approach. The return of investment is minimal for several reasons: 1. Firstly, it is time consuming and carried out (done) to comply with the requirements of Inspire 2. Secondly, the inventory or catalogue can not be used internally 3. And thirdly it is difficult to control any updating process. We tend to consider this traditional top-down approach both inflexible and user-unfriendly.

Therefore, we have reversed this approach. For us, everything starts with the requirements of the end-user, with questions such as: - Where is the data I need? - Is it up to date? - Are there any legal restrictions I should be aware of? - To what extent can I share it with suppliers, partners and others?

During this presentation, we will share this vision of geodata management and focus on how we help our clients to manage their geodata, and become INSPIRE’s champions!


Topic Area:  [2.7] Innovation and technical developments in geospatial technologies – in particular, Geographical Information Systems, and how those relate and/or impact INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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