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INSPIRE ready SDI using docker

Jorge S. Mendes de Jesus, Joana Simões, Maria Aria de Reyna and Paul van Genuchten

(Submission #169)


Docker is a virtualization technology that allows for the deployment, management and orchestration of services using a simple workflow procedure based on Linux containers (Docker). The advantages of using docker technologies range from simple service creation to the deployment of an INSPIRE compatible SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) in multiple hosts/servers creating a resilient structure where services are up and serving multiple parallel requests, creating a better user experience.

The first part of this workshop, will focus on the Docker engine, reviewing the characteristics that make this technology so successful: portability, reliance, simplicity and repository access. This part will include guidance on how to download images from generic repositories like dockerhub or, and describing how multiple services can be grouped together to make a SDI.

The second part will be oriented towards the creation and deployment of a INSPIRE compatible SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) including a catalog and a map server (e.g.: GeoNetwork and GeoServer) , by running multiple docker containers in a coordinated structure managed by docker compose. This SDI is based on the research & development behind GeoCat Live, a subscription based SDI on the cloud, provided by GeoCat. Furthermore we will discuss the INSPIRE capabilities and limitations of Geonetwork and Geoserver and illustrate how to use these tools to create, view and manage INSPIRE data and metadata in a elastic environment. Sample datasets will be used, in order to demonstrate this functionality.

This workshop targets an audience which is familiar with SDI, and with little or no experience in docker and cloud deployment, but looking for technologies and services (like Geocat live) that facilitate SDI creation and maintenance.


Topic Area:  [2.6] INSPIRE in the Cloud and On-line platforms for exposing, accessing and using spatial data and services, including the relevancy of INSPIRE for Big Data analytics.
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   docker, cloud, elastic, geonetwork, geoserver, infrastructure, deployment


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