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Data Driven Economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Challenges and Perspectives

Jean Dusart, Alexander Kotsev and Vlado Cetl

(Submission #175)


The workshop, part of the INSPIRE 2017 conference, aims to bring together pre-selected representatives of candidate, potential candidate, countries of the neighbourhood, and H2020 associated countries to discuss the challenges and perspectives of the emerging data driven economy in Central and Eastern Europe.

The context of the proposed workshop is framed by the recently published Communication on “Building a European Data Economy” (COM(2017)9). It clearly highlights the increasing importance of data as a driver for growth, innovation and job creation. It is estimated that by 2020, its value will increase to EUR 643 billion, representing over 3 % of the EU GDP.

At the same time there is no quantifiable evidence on the state and perspectives of the data driven economy in European neighbouring countries. It can however safely be assumed that the role of data in the Central and Eastern Europe will be following a similar pattern and is expected to increase considerably. Furthermore, in the target region there are some notable islands of success (e.g. Moldova Open Data initiative, globally recognized open source software created in Ukraine, etc.) that if re-used and extended, can further foster innovation and intensify growth.

Within this context, the proposed Workshop will explore the implications and possibilities related with Data driven economy in Central and Eastern Europe. It will be organized in collaboration with other international actors working within the target region on relevant topics such as the World Bank, UN Economic Commission for Europe and the FAO. Particular emphasis will be put on benchmarking between countries and understanding the state-of-play of data-driven economies in the target region, and their possible implications and trade-off with EU Member states.

A JRC report is planned as outcome of the workshop. It will include (i) country profiles organized in a comparable matter, (ii) conclusion on the main discussions points and summary from each session, and (iii) future policy directions and emerging opportunities.

The workshop aims to bring together a broad mix of stakeholders contributing and/or benefiting from the data-driven economy. One of the objectives would be to explore together on how to use more accessible and well-documented information that can act as a factor for economic growth. Particular emphasis would be put on the opportunities for mixing and adding value from private, public and citizen generated data.


Topic Area:  [3.3] Alignment with national, EU and international policies/initiatives
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   The workshop will benefit from a budget of max. 29000 EUR to invite international experts from the Enlargement and Integration eligible countries (candidate countries, potential candidates, countries of the neighborhood)


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