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Switzerland towards INSPIRE

Christine Najar and Pasquale Di Donato

(Submission #176)


According to the recent swisstopo (Switzerland’s NMCA) strategy 2020 it is foreseen, that products and data by swisstopo are provided according to international standards. Therefore, a project is currently analyzing the impact for swisstopo offering products and data in an INSPIRE and ELF conform way. As Switzerland is not starting with a blank sheet, but with a successfully running infrastructure, there are various challenges on the organizational as well as technical level. The advantage of this situation is the privilege to profit from other countries’ experiences and tools as well as to be able to use the most adequate methods. Also, the cost-benefit-analysis includes not only financial and time aspects but show-stoppers as well an analysis on user benefits. The latter means that the end-user and the use-case he/she is interested in when using ELF/INSPIRE-services can be taken into account. The main task is to use existing processes, architecture, models, and services of the current infrastructure and reuse or extend them to fulfill INPIRE/ELF requirements. The big question here, is how much can be recycled and where does swisstopo have to build new components? Also, part of the challenge is to find and analyze the differences of interpretation of technical standards e.g. the services. The approach of the project is to first identify the relevant INSPIRE and ELF requirements as well as data, and compare them with the current Federal SDI. Then, the implementation is tested with three Themes (from Annex I and III) and provides them as portrayal service as well as download service. On the technical level, one of problems has been the difficulty of serving INSPIRE conform GML Data via WFS implemented with Mapserver, which is the currently used map server of the Federal SDI. Also how to reuse the Swiss WMS, so it can provide different portrayal definitions for ELF and INSPIRE. Furthermore, the idea has been to offer several Themes via a unique WMS Endpoint. On the organizational level, especially in a federal organization, it is important to work with standardized definitions. Thus, the various national hierarchies use the same conventions, e.g. for ids, namespaces or CRS.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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