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Analyze your data trends

Francois Prunayre, Vincent Bombaert, Arnaud De Groof, Paul Van Genuchten and Christian Ansorge

(Submission #177)


Learn how to collect and extract information from your discovery services and analyze your data. Data Analyzer & OBServer (DAOBS) is an online dashboard tool which allows to harvest metadata, then analyze and improve them in order to build reports on a regular basis. Reports are based on indicators that can be followed by data managers in order to provide an overview to decision makers and fine tune analysis based on detailed dashboards.

DAOBS was first created for sharing INSPIRE yearly monitoring made by Member States. It is now also used to analyse various catalogues content like Metawal, Sextant.

We will start the workshop by configuring harvesting of differents data sources. We will then compute INSPIRE directive indicators automatically from harvested information and preview reports in INSPIRE dashboards. Then we will create custom indicators to use it for specific usage and evaluation of the catalogues contents in your own dashboards.

We invite you to come with your discovery service URL in mind in order to build dashboards on top of your personal data. At the workshop we’ll have core developers & users of the project.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Use and potential of INSPIRE for the development of indicators
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   DAOBS, Kibana, Elastic Search


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