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giCASES – Creating a University-Enterprise Alliance for a Spatially Enabled Society

Giorgio Saio, Carlo Cipolloni and Giacomo Martirano

(Submission #179)


giCASES is a Knowledge Alliance project under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. The project aims to enable and strengthen innovation in GI education and industry and to facilitate the collaborative creation, management and sharing of knowledge. These objectives are addressed by developing new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning within the Geographic Information (GI) sector, and by facilitating the exchange, flow and co-creation of this knowledge. Six case studies have been identified and described to test the approach: 1. Use of indoor GIS in healthcare 2. Environmental analysis using cloud service system 3. Location Enablement of e-Government 4. Integrated management of the underground 5. Harmonizing data flows in Energy saving EU policies 6. GIS Applications in Forestry

The objectives of the event are: • To present and discuss examples of case-based collaborative learning in the geospatial sector; • To present the key-concepts of the giCASES project: collaborative and case-based learning, co-creation of knowledge and how those will be applied in the six case studies of the project; • To exchange ideas on the approach for the different case studies; • To link the initiative with the EU policies of Digital Economy and Copernicus up takes initiatives.


Topic Area:  [2.2] INSPIRE in education - concepts and examples for INSPIRE in the curriculums of schools, vocational colleges and universities n
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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