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Designing a new functionality to help to fill the INSPIRE technical gaps

Lorena Hernandez and Robin Smith

(Submission #180)


INSPIRE In Practice is a collaborative platform that brings together INSPIRE implementers, solution providers and end-user application developers in a single place, facilitating the exchange of geospatial know-how and expertise accumulated over time while dealing with INSPIRE.

The “tool” section of the platform allows any user, no matter which role they play, adding and retrieving software solutions able to perform different INSPIRE implementation tasks. It also gives the possibility to solution providers to claim the ownership of a tool and so becoming the manager of his tool space. However, the Are3na team is aware that there are still technical difficulties that refrain implementers from completing the INSPIRE implementation. For this reason, we want to go a step beyond a repository of tools that are suitable for INSPIRE. We are planning to create a new functionality to bring implementers and solution providers closer “to fill the gaps” more efficiently and consequently to help INSPIRE to become truth.

On the one hand, INSPIRE implementers and users, in general, could notify their technical obstacles or “missing items”. Those could range from simple bugs to missing features or even missing tools that refrain them from completing their INSPIRE implementation or its proper usage. On the other hand, solution providers could become aware of the real needs of the INSPIRE community by discovering issues with their products and by receiving suggestions for improvement that could turn into new business possibilities.

Furthermore, a voting system on the submitted “missing items” could help in understanding, which are the priorities to be addressed, and to some extent, it could help raising new innovative approaches to collaboration such as co-funding or co-authoring in a cross-border free environment, as one of the drivers of the Digital Single Market.

The purposes of this speed presentation are to present and to confirm the need for a new feature within the INSPIRE in Practice platform to collect existing "missing items" that refrain the INSPIRE implementation, as well as the gathering of some initial requirements for its development.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
Abstract Type:  Speed Presentation (5')

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Comments:   INSPIRE in Practice, solution providers, INSPIRE implementers, missing items, co-funding


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