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NoINSPIRE : addresses with no addresses, urban planning and machine learning, algorithms to meet citizens and companies needs.

Marc Leobet

(Submission #181)


As NoSQL means « non only SQL », NoINSPIRE does not mean something against INSPIRE but, on the contrary, non only INSPIRE.

Two years ago, we were very happy and a bit proud to communicate about a « superstructure », the Urban planning geoportal, built over the French SDI – which is purely an INSPIRE one. This year, two projects jumped « out of the box » of used way to process, on urban planning and on addresses.

The presentation will explain how we are testing to add to usual postal addresses grid addresses, specifically to solve the lack of addresses in rural areas and to remove this blocking point to deliver high-speed internet to every single French inhabitant.

It will show how the superstructure mentioned above, gathering all the urban rules as free PDF in a single place, will allow machine learning and efficiency gains in both urban planning and building processes.

These two cases will let understand that INSPIRE, helping to get the data through web services, opens the field to a higher way to manage territories through algorithms.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Big Data, grids

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