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Spanish good (and no so good) practices implementing INSPIRE

Emilio López, Antonio RODRIGUEZ, Paloma ABAD and Alejandra SÁNCHEZ

(Submission #194)


Since 2003, the National Geographic Institute of Spain and, in particular, the National Centre for Geographic Information (CNIG) has been working in the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain (IDEE). A lot of tasks have been carried out, not only developing software, capturing data, writing metadata and launching web services, but also coordinating efforts, reaching agreement about costs or licenses and spreading SDI philosophy. Moreover, last years we have worked implementing the INSPIRE Directive from the IDEE, testing, developing and deploying different software for implementing view, discovery and download services. We have created INSPIRE compliant metadata useful for searching datasets and services, and in the last time for the INSPIRE monitoring process publishing in an official catalogue. We have also developed client applications for both desktop and mobile devices, some of them very used for citizens. Other important point, we have changed our cartography production process, not map oriented but geography layers oriented and fulfilling INSPIRE requirements. In addition, in all these tasks, we have worked closely with other departments of the Public Works Ministry, regional departments, ministries, local authorities and academia in order to implement INSPIRE in an efficient, effective and sustainable way. Then the community of actors developing initiatives in parallel has emerged in our country. We think that we have several experiences, good practices and success stories that other people involved in SDIs and INSPIRE implementation can use to take advantage of them. In addition, we have some failures that we can share and, perhaps, they are useful as well (even more). Finally, we will show some ideas for the near future, some upcoming projects and some challenges we have to face in the next years.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
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Comments:   SDI, good practices, experiences, software, metadata

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