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Publishing INSPIRE services with GeoServer and HALE

simone giannecchini and Nuno Oliveira

(Submission #201)


GeoServer is a well-established multiplatform, open source server providing a variety of OGC services, including WMS (view services), WFS and WCS (download and edit services) as well as WPS (spatial data processing services). Among the open source GIS web servers, GeoServer is well known for the ease of setup, the web console helping the administrator to configure data and services, the variety of OGC services available out of the box, as well as the rich set of data sources that it can connect to (open source, such as PostGIS as well as proprietary, such as Oracle or ECW raster). Most WFS systems available online today trade (very) simple features, often a single geometry with a set of attributes exposed on the net for querying, reprojection and download. However, the world of WFS and GML does not stop there, the standard also foresees complex features, where each feature is an information tree, with lists, sub-features, and links to other features. GeoServer provides support for those via the app-schema plugin, which can map a heterogeneous set of simple features, coming from different data sources, onto a set of complex features described by a well-known application schema. The workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the basic GeoServer concepts, as well as usage and configuration, with particular attention to the setup of INSPIRE compliant services with a demonstration set of data in various formats, both raster and vector. We will show how complex features are configured and setup in GeoServer, the abilities and limitations of the app-schema module, as well as recent advances in producing a configuration starting point with the help of HALE mapping tool.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Technologies and tools to support implementing, using and assessing the technical implementation of INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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