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Building a national spatial data infrastructure

Thorben Hansen

(Submission #204)


The concept of spatial data infrastructures goes back a quarter of a century and INSPIRE celebrates this year the 10th anniversary of its entry into force. Traditional approaches to mapping and how to share geographic information is being challenged and augmented as we are moving towards a situation where geodata is readily available as a shared resource used by many users in many contexts.

Building a national spatial data infrastructure requires developments in many different areas in parallel: policy, cooperation, business model, competences, data quality, technology and standards. Each of these areas requires change compared to the traditional way of doing things, and the changes must be carefully balanced and coordinated in order to make a smooth transition.

Many spatial data infrastructure applications cross borders by nature. Consequently a national spatial data infrastructure must work for both national and for trans-national use. INSPIRE addresses the requirements for trans-European use taking environmental issues as a starting point.

No two countries are alike, and each country must develop its own roadmap for how to build a national spatial data infrastructure. The roadmap has to consider local conditions regarding things like availability of existing geodata, tradition for cross-governmental cooperation, local drivers (e.g. e-government), digital maturity, funding issues, etc.

The presentation offers a view of the Danish spatial data infrastructure as a case study illustrating how a national spatial data infrastructure has been and still is being developed. The case study will cover both governance, data and technology aspects of the spatial data infrastructure and what initiatives have been taken over the years in order to advance the national infrastructure.

Key topics being covered in the presentation are: improving cross-governmental cooperation, involving private companies, improving competencies among stakeholders, standards to be used, providing a supporting it-infrastructure, moving from paid use to free and open use of the data infrastructure at point of use, etc.


Topic Area:  [2.1] INSPIRE for Beginners
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