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Building Open Source and Interoperable SDIs with GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore

simone giannecchini

(Submission #205)


Open Source GeoSpatial software is getting more and more attention lately due to a mix of factors: the recent cuts in budgets due to the worldwide crisis, the latest regulations emerging in a few EU countries, more favorable towards Open Source solutions, the push coming from the OpenData movement are with no doubts the driving forces behind the growth in the adoption of Open Source software. This presentation will focus on reporting the first-hand experience of implementing and managing SDIs adhering to the INSPIRE technical guidelines employing well-known Open Source components like GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore.

We will first introduce and describe the above-mentioned Open Source products to demonstrate how they can be used to create real-world Spatial Data Infrastructures and leveraging on public and widely accepted standards both de-facto (e.g. GeoJSON) as well as internationally recognized (e.g. OGC standards like WMS and WFS). Therefore, after a short review on what INSPIRE mandates (limited to the services of interest for our use cases) we will introduce and discuss in details the level of compliancy with the technical guidelines of the Open Source components we currently use for building SDIs (GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore), highlighting weaknesses and points of strength and then we will present a few real-world use-cases. Useful suggestions on how to best approach Open Source products, especially if coming from the proprietary software world will be given as well. Closing the presentation, a few real-world projects implemented by GeoSolutions will be presented.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Technologies and tools to support implementing, using and assessing the technical implementation of INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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